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Whenever you are going to make a choice, the good thing is to have several options and some clear criteria to make that selection. But when it comes to the casino roulette game, some are even obvious. For example, be good software, with decent graphics, fairness and randomness and without getting those annoying popups.

So security is a big aspect, even if you play for free and don’t even need to create an account. But we’ve already made it clear that going through this process is a good thing, as the best online casinos require an account and can offer everything, such as welcome bonuses, loyalty programs and even free prizes for those who play for free. For example, Bet365 offers the bonus code BETMAX365 (*

Bonus code BETMAX365 can be used during registration but does not change the offer value in any way.

) for your new customers. I tested it and I sure passed it.


Also, another important aspect is having a good mobile experience for those who want to play roulette and are not close to their computer. You know when you get bored at work or when you’re sitting on public transport. You can have fun instead of doing nothing and you can even win a prize or money yourself.

So security, mobile experience and good graphics are the basics. Things like bonuses, Portuguese games, customer service, among others also matter. That’s how we got to the best game providers for you to enjoy roulette and have a great time.

Roulette Game

online roulette

Several games have made the transition from the big gaming halls of Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau, among others, to free online roulette servers. And free roulette was one of the best ones.

You can write a text just speculating why, with reasons such as fun and ease of play leading the discussion. And that’s why the casino roulette game is present in all reputable online casinos, which makes our selection process a little more difficult.

But it’s always good to have options and with that, we arrive at the casinos that we’ve put in the table above. Elements such as security in its platform – preventing the leakage of financial and personal data – the audiovisual quality of the software, variety of roulette games (European, American, French) and the house’s reputation weighed on our choice.

It’s up to you to choose the house that best suits your taste, but it’s interesting that you get to know our selections to make sure you’re choosing the best one.

Something many people don’t know is that you can play ruleta casino games online for free without having to wager any money. Involving the financial aspect keeps some people away from that kind of fun, but if it doesn’t cost anything, that’s fine.

And the game of roulette can also be a lot of fun to play with play money. You will receive an amount of virtual currency, which is unrelated to any real currency, and you can play free roulette at will. It’s interesting to play free online roulette to understand how the game works, get the rhythm of the games, know which bets are the best and, finally, train.

If you enjoy the fun and want to take the next step, great!| Otherwise you can stay in the free rooms and have fun with the spin of the roulette game.

Free roulette

A casino roulette game can be great fun as it is an easy game to play free roulette and can be easily understood, even for someone inexperienced. And it’s very easy to understand how it works. First let’s talk about the European version.

Free roulette has 36 “pockets”, numbered from 1 to 36 and in two colours, black and red. And you can bet on several variations of that. Want to win when you fall into black? And in red? You can also bet on odd or even numbers, from 1 to 12 or 24 to 36 and even on the exact number and colour pocket.

The same goes for those who play for free, the only variation, in this case, being the fact that the payment of chips does not exist, while in the payment you bear the cost of each chip and the value it represents.

Play free roulette?

There are many tips that can be given to anyone playing free roulette, whether it is free or the casino roulette game for money. For example, the first one is to test the free version to understand how the game works, what bets you are most comfortable with and how much money can be played per spin, while staying within budget.

So, the second is to try to avoid, at all times, trying to get the exact number and color. The odds are low and it’s pretty tough, so betting every round that it might come out should end in a cash bleed.

It is also important to explain the difference between European and American free roulette. Thus, the first one has a pocket with the number zero and all bets will be won by the house in case the ball lands there. This is the house advantage, which is even greater in the American version: in addition to 0, there is 00, which has the same effect.

So, if you can, choose European roulette, and that way you’ll have more chances to win.