How many types of poker are there?


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The answer is many. Many indeed. The most famous is Texas Hold’em, which is played in major competitions. So the most important variable here is that five cards will be on the board and with your two in your hand you need to make the best possible hand.

This is quite different from stud, another variation and which gives you seven cards, with nothing left on the table. In Omaha there is a mixture: there are four cards in the hand and five on the board and you need to use two of the four in the hand and three of the five on the board.

But as you can see, there are a lot of peculiarities in each game. The important thing to play free poker online is to know Texas Hold’em well and gradually learn the details and other variations as well.

FAQ about online poker

How do I register to play poker online?

To play poker online on a website you need:

  •       Choose your favorite website, opting for security, layout, diversity of payment methods and other parameters that you consider important
  •       Inform some personal data such as name, address, email, among others. The information will be secure
  •       Create a password to protect your account
  •       If there is a welcome bonus, activate it and make your first deposit.

Can I easily make deposits and withdrawals in online poker?

The answer is yes. To be able to make deposits and withdrawals it is necessary

  •       First, have an active and regular account, with proof of identity and the required information
  •       Then choose your favorite method, be it credit card, bank transfer, bank transfer or electronic wallet. Also, check before creating an account what methods the site offers
  •       Comply with all Site Terms and Conditions, especially if you have received a bonus

Do I need to play for real money?

Not necessarily, there are rooms where there is no money aspect involved (free online poker). Pay attention to the following:

  •       There are houses that offer the possibility to play in rooms that do not require real money. Check it out beforehand.
  •       Also, don’t join tables that play for money if you had no intention of spending.
  •       Don’t feel the need to put money into the game if you’re not ready. 

Can I play poker on mobile?

Yes, but stay tuned for the following.

  •       Sites are usually responsive – adapt to smaller screens – but can also have apps
  •       But if you opt for mobile, the features must be the same as for those who play on the computer
  •       Do not play on suspicious wi-fi networks as there may be a data leak. Even if it’s free online poker