September23 , 2023

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Bingo has been a craze all over the world for a long time because of some of the characteristics that mark the game.

The first is the simplicity of understanding how it works. That’s because you get a card before the game starts with a series of numbers, just like everyone else who is playing. Then, a sphere full of marbles with numbers begins to rotate and each one that leaves is announced its number. So, just look at the card and write down which numbers are on it with the ones that were announced.

That way, you can win in different ways in bingo and there are many variations. For example, you can already win a prize for having closed a line – a line is shouted in the face-to-face version, in the online version everyone knows too -, column or diagonal.

But the ultimate prize comes when your entire card is announced and it’s time to shout Bingo! In online bingo, of course, there’s no need to shout unless you want to warn your neighborhood, but the effect is the same: you win.

Bingo Variations

Among the bingo variations, the best known involve the size of the cards and the number of balls that are rotated on the sphere.

There is a version known as speed bingo that only has 30 marbles and so everything is decided quickly. But it is common to find in bingo in the virtual world versions with 75 and 90 balls, which makes the game more time consuming but also pleasurable. However, 75 ball bingo has a 24-square card, with five rows, five columns and a space in the middle.

In addition, video bingo is also very popular with many game companies, and can create thematic variations. In this game you act alone, looking for the necessary combinations to win and even having the possibility of winning a big jackpot.

Finally, it is necessary to mention Keno, another variation that emerged with the advancement of technology and which has many fans in the gaming world. In Keno the rules are very similar to bingo, but the number card is not simply given to you. You choose the numbers you think will come out.

In other words, those who like online bingo will enjoy every moment.



Betboo Bingo

The Betboo positioned very intelligently in the market and its platform is quite complete, is for those who like sports betting, playing at an online casino and for those wishing to explore Bingo.

The house offers two rooms for its users. So the first is the Betboo room, which costs to join, but you can win prizes, buy cards at discounted prices and still have the chance to win a nice jackpot.

For those who don’t want to spend, there is the free room, which is open from 9 am to 1 am and also offers prizes, even if its users haven’t spent anything to play.

There is also video bingo, which is a mix of slots and bingo and draws the attention of many players for the ease of playing and joining two very fun games. Of course, being able to win a nice cash prize is also a good motivation to test your luck.

So whoever wants to choose Betboo makes a good choice. We are talking about a house with a huge presence in the Brazilian market, a website in Portuguese, payment methods designed for the local public and everything is very easy to find. Including bingo.

bet365 Bingo

The bet365 is another brand with great power in the world of betting and online gambling and how it could not also offer bingo. I entered the site and was already faced with how many room variations there are to play bingo. The coolest thing is that many of them are themed, which only improves the experience.

But anyone who wants to can play games that offer big cash prizes and happen any time of the day. Also, it’s rare to go longer than 10 minutes without a game. And if you don’t want to spend, no problem, there’s a free online bingo that opens during certain parts of the day and you can win very handsome cash prizes.

Online Bingo FAQ

There are some questions that come up quite often for those who don’t know that much about online bingo. Check out the answers for them.

What do I need to play free online bingo?

It’s very simple to play bingo on a computer or mobile. You need:

  •       be over 18 years old
  •       Being able to access the internet on your cell phone or computer and opt for a bingo site
  •       Make your account on this site
  •       Opt for a free room or for prizes (make a deposit)

How do I register with an online bingo site?

There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s very easy. It is necessary:

  •       First, choose the online bingo platform that is most interesting to you
  •       Then provide some personal details. For example, name, address and email (data are protected by encryption)
  •       And finally, be smart to see if there are any bonuses for new customers and take advantage when making a deposit

Do I need to spend money to play?

No. Even the most famous platforms have free online bingo in special rooms. do the following

  •       Search for the platform you would most like to play bingo
  •       Look for free bingo in their rooms. they will be easy to play
  •       So, register to enjoy this fun game

Can I play online bingo on my mobile?

Yes, and it’s very easy

  •       First, open your browser and then choose your favorite online bingo site
  •       So, create your account in the normal way, informing some personal data
  •       Then look for the bingo room, either paid or free
  •       Have a good time!