November26 , 2022

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Online poker is a game modality that is already well established in the Brazilian online gaming market. Its precursor was the popularity of television programs that brought all the enthusiasm for online betting in Brazil.

Poker thus gained popularity and fame that until then was only reserved for fans of the real casino tables. This is a very old game, with popular variants that come from American poker.

In a kind of way, online poker replicates all the game mechanisms you’ll find in a real casino room. In other words, you can join a table of 2 to 10 players at the same time.

You’ll also find the main variants of classic poker, from online texas holdem poker to Omaha. But also new modalities of extra fast sit & go games and others.

See below, in more detail, what the offer in Brazil in online poker games. We’ll talk about bookmakers, game types, current tournaments, game strategies and tips. Stay tuned.

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Different types of online poker

When we think of online poker, immediately comes to mind the most popular variants around the world: texas Holdem hands. In this variant, you receive two cards and must place bets along the necessary turns until the river, on the table.

But there are several other game opportunities, meaning you won’t necessarily have to play this variant. Among the more popular alternatives to holdem poker, you can also find Caribbean stud poker, Omaha, or Seven Card Stud.

We will explore these variants in more detail below.

Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em became popular all over the world thanks to the Pokerstar TV tournament show, although it is already widely used in all casinos and gaming tables. The rules are simple and the game is frantic, mainly because it has an important mental dimension:

At the start of the game, each player at the table is dealt two cards that only the players themselves can see. Then the dealer will show three cards which he will place in the center of the table, followed by one more, and then the last one in a final turn. With these cards, players must make combinations.

As long as the last turn doesn’t come, players will be placing bets, raising or not the stake depending on whether their hand is more or less strong. To stay in the game, players must always match bets, at the end of which they can reveal their cards and see which strongest combination will win the game.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a version of Five Card Stud. The rules are simple and it differs from Texas Hold’em in that players do not play against each other but against the house.

At the start of the game, each player is dealt five cards that only they can see. Similarly, the house is also dealt five cards, showing only one to start placing bets.

Bluffing is practically non-existent in this variant unlike Texas Hold’em. You should simply assess how strong your starting hand is and trust your instincts.


The Omaha poker variant is the second most popular in the world after Texas Hold’em. Partly because the game logic is very similar, in that you try to make the best combination at the table with two private cards together with the five community cards in the center of the table.

The Omaha variant differs fundamentally from Texas Hold’em in the following:

  • You are dealt four private cards at the start of the game instead of two.
  • The combination is obligatorily made between two of the cards you have in your hand and three of the community cards that appear.

As you can see, the game possibilities are different from Texas Hold’em, as in Texas Hold’em, combinations can be made with any cards. While in Omaha you must use two of the private cards in your hand.

Seven Card Stud

The Seven Card Stud variant is very interesting and gives rise to immense speculation and possibilities. It’s a good bluff game, despite being absolutely unpredictable and even harder to manage than Texas Hold’em.

In this variant there are no community cards, that is, all the cards that come into play belong to the players. See how everything works in each shift:

  • At first each player is dealt three cards, two private and one that everyone at the table can see.
  • In the first round of betting, each player receives one more card that is visible to everyone.
  • In the second round of betting, too.
  • In the third betting round, too.
  • In the fourth betting round, each player is dealt a fourth card, this time private that only the players themselves can see.

live poker

Live poker services, also known as live poker, commonly refer to live poker table streams online. In other words, while playing via mobile phone or computer, you will be able to watch the video transmission of game tables.

This service can also designate live streams of any game played in real time, in a real casino. And so, not being a participant in the match, you will be able to watch in real time the development of a game and the emotions involved.

One of the challenging aspects of live poker is that it can have regional or other restrictions. It is not always possible to watch streaming of all games, tournaments or cash games, and not all players from any country can have access.

Anyway, this feature is very interesting for anyone with internet poker ambitions:

  • Allows you to have a very absorbing and immersive experience of live poker games.
  • Allows you to experience the emotions of poker in a much more intense way.
  • It allows you to learn more about poker, as you can read players’ expressions while betting – this reading is important to developing your instinct about bluffing.
  • Allows you to have a more complete overall poker game experience, which replicates as much as possible the face-to-face games in the casino.