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It’s not complicated to learn everything about online roulette quickly, and often it just depends on joining a bookmaker and spending some time playing in fun mode.

You should know the basics: what the roulette table is, what bets you can make (bets on numbers, colours or groups of numbers), and what your odds and win/lose are.

Quickly, with experience and intuitively you will learn to play roulette online. Everything depends on taking the first step, and this will be completed when you register for the first time with an online bookmaker.

Different types of online roulette

We will now inform you about the main features and what distinguishes the three types of roulette available online.

Find out which is your favourite among American roulette, European roulette, French roulette.

American Roulette

American roulette gives the casino a 5.2% advantage, being one of the highest among the three variants. This is because it has two places with zero numbers: the single zero and the double zero. It also features 38 numbers, which players can bet on.

American roulette is the one with the most betting possibilities and, if the prizes can be residually higher in the face of greater risk, it is also one that has the least chances of success.

European Roulette

European roulette, unlike American roulette, has only one house with zero number, which better your chances of winning: the casino has an advantage of only 2.6%.

Thus, being easier to win in European roulette thanks to the lesser amount of betting possibilities, this should be preferred by novice players in relation to American roulette.

French Roulette

This is one of many players’ favorite roulettes thanks to an advantage for the player that other roulette modalities don’t have.

We are talking about the “En Prison” rule, which returns half of the bet amount if you have placed a selection on black/red or even/odd and the ball has landed on number zero. This represents an advantage for the casino of just 1.35%!

Online Roulette Terminology

Learn below some useful terms in online roulette, to familiarize yourself with the various betting possibilities and results:

  • Block Bet: A bet that covers a set of numbers on the table, and which can be even/odd, red/black, sets of 4 numbers.
  • Line Betting: When the player selects a horizontal line of numbers across the entire table instead of a single number.
  • Column bet: when the player selects a vertical column of numbers instead of betting on different numbers.
  • Outside bet: when the player places bets outside the perimeter of the numbers, which can be red/black, odd/even, high or low.
  • Inside bet: when the player places bets on numbers inside the table.
  • Black bet: bet on black colour.
  • Call Betting: in French or European roulettes you can voice your bet instead of directly depositing it.
  • Ball track space: the area on the roulette wheel where the ball will freely spin until it lands on a number.
  • Even: bets that pay out in a 50/50 ratio.

Online Roulette System – Roulette Strategies

There are some well-known roulette strategies that you can try to apply in betting for fun mode in order to avoid any risk. As you will see, all techniques have their weaknesses and, in the end, it all comes down to luck.

Therefore, try not to take the classic strategies literally, always trying to bet for fun and with a sense of risk.

The so-called Martingale system says that you must double every lost bet, multiplying the losses by two successively, until you finally win. Once you hit a win you will, in theory, get your money back, although it’s always a high-risk bet.

The Paroli system is also risky and relatively unfeasible, however, it offers you a method of betting: setting a total amount to bet and a minimum unit that you must place until you come out the winner, and then double the bet.

Many other fallible and relatively improbable systems exist, the most common of which is watching players bet on numbers and multiple variables, often impulsively.

As roulette is a game of chance, there is no way to consistently win the odds. Instead, we advise you to set a maximum amount you are willing to lose and not exceed it, whatever your betting style.

Likewise, you must set a number of winnings after which you will be satisfied, and from there immediately give up playing and quit roulette.

Mobile version of online roulette

Whenever you join an online roulette bookmaker, be sure to confirm that there is a mobile app for mobile gaming.

Betting on roulette directly through your cell phone or tablet brings advantages, as it allows you greater mobility and comfort: you can bet at home, on the sofa, at the bar with friends, on public transport, wherever you want.

Furthermore, the mobile version of online Roulette sometimes offers you exclusive advantages, giving you, for example, promotions and bonuses, or even access to jackpots, which do not exist in the web version.

The only downside to online roulette is that it can be so easy to bet on mobile roulette that you quickly forget that you might be playing your own money. You should therefore avoid impulsive behavior, and if that is the case, take a break from mobile roulette.