What is online roulette?


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Many gamblers who want to know how to win money at roulette are tempted to bet on internet casino roulette. This means some immediate advantages, such as:

  • You can bet calmly, without having to deal with the pressure of live gaming in a real casino.
  • You can bet small sums of money for as long as you like in order to get used to the game.
  • You can also take advantage of the promotional code from bookmakers such as bet365 (code: “BETMAX365”*), which guarantees you a welcome bonus.
  • Test game strategies until you are comfortable betting larger sums.
  • Request Customer Support whenever you need it, making sure you have expert support from casino roulette technicians whenever you need it.


There is also free online roulette, which is one of the great advantages of gambling over the internet compared to playing in a real casino. Usually, in bookmakers, you can bet for fun with free chips, so you don’t need to risk your own money.

Virtual roulette games are therefore a great opportunity to play comfortably at home, with minimal risk, and testing all the betting combinations that interest you: bets on even/odd numbers, on a selection of one/two/four, between others.

Beginner’s Guide to Online Roulette: Getting Started

If you want to start playing free roulette, you must complete four essential steps to join the growing community of players.

These steps, which allow you to play personalized online roulette, are the starting point for entering the world of online gambling and this popular form of betting.

  1. Start by choosing your favourite bookmaker with a casino offer.
  2. Create a registration with the first registration, validate your account information and place the first deposit in your player account. A tip: if you log in to bet365, don’t forget to enter the unique promo code “BETMAX365”*.
  3. When you have completed your registration, go to the casino tab and get started with the roulette game. Also, don’t forget to activate promotions and bonuses that may be available to improve your account balance.
  4. Start playing online roulette in the play for fun option. So you don’t risk your own money, you can familiarize yourself with the game’s interface and learn with a little experience how to win at roulette.


These steps we have listed are not exhaustive, they are only intended to give you a little boost so that you can start betting online roulette with more confidence. If you have any questions, you already know that you can contact your operator’s Customer Support to clarify them.

Online Roulette Advantage

There is a big advantage in the roulette game that is immediately obvious: the possibility of getting bonuses and promotions from several online bookmakers.

When you join an online roulette bookmaker, you can often benefit from welcome bonuses that increase your account balance for free. This is the case of bet365, with its promotional code “BETMAX365” (*


Another important advantage is, as mentioned, the possibility to play for fun, with virtual chips instead of real money. This allows you not to risk your own money while trying out roulette, which is ideal for gaining risk-free practice.

Diversity is another strength. In online roulette, you can play European, American, French, bingo roulette and many other variants. Basically, you won’t have time to get bored, as game diversity is guaranteed.

With live streaming, meaning live online roulette streams, the perception of total immersion is authentic. Despite placing bets over the internet, you can interact in real-time with other players and dealers, watching the rounds live, which makes everything fun.

In summary: there are several advantages to betting online roulette vs real casino roulette. Beginners and novices alike will find excellent reasons to place their bets online.